reliability 24/7

IMO Blade Bearings for tidal stream systems

…provide low maintenance and life cycle costs.

  • withstanding highest static & dynamic loads
  • proven sealing technology – watertight, saltwater & leak-proof
  • multilayer coating including a zinc layer


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Pitch on the safe side

Proven IMO designed technology
for more than 25 years –
8 years successfully in tidal stream systems.


IMO bearings

…as blade bearings for marine current systems and wave power.

Tidal Energy

As this way of energy exploitation is continually working – independently from weather conditions – the system and consequently bearing is under load 24/7.

  • energy from marine current systems is highly predictable
  • tidal turbines generate electricity from the sea autonomously
  • twin axial flow rotors drive generators via a gearbox
  • two or three blade rotors are adjusted by a triple row IMO roller bearing

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Blade Bearing
for a 1.2 MW
marine current turbine

3-row roller bearing
with special seal
watertight up to 30 m,
saltwater & leak-proof

Mounted Blade Bearing

IMO blade bearing mounted on
hub driven by internal gearbox

Blade Bearing
for a 2 MW
marine current turbine

3-row roller bearing
with special seal,
watertight up to 30 m,
saltwater & leak-proof


IMO worldwide

For almost a decade, IMO bearings are in service 24/7 for tidal stream systems.  
IMO design technology of more than 25 years is vital for projects like these...

Highest technical quality and safety standards combined with long service life and low maintenance requirements, made the way for long-term, intensive customer relationships.

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Our mission


Research and development are our investment in your future. They provide us and our customers maximum competitive ability. IMO recognizes market and customer requirements at an early stage and analyzes and evaluates them in order to integrate the results into new products. Greater user benefits and technical performance are mutually dependent and have served as a basis for numerous patents and product distinctions in recent years.

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Focus on research & development

Focus on research & development

Applying German engineering expertise, IMO designs slewing rings for tidal energy installations using FE models and test rigs to verify bearing seal under pressure.

IMO is certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. and follows the technical guidelines set by leading certifying authorities when calculating the slewing ring performance and life capabilities.


The video

Here you can see the operating principle of the SeaGen Turbines.

The IMO bearings pitch the rotor blades in water dephts of around 30 m – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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